The EnKaps Solution

FloKap MR, a proprietary encapsulation technology platform, enables controlled, time-release of chemicals resulting in improved oil and gas production and well profitability. Customizable nano- and micro-sized core-shell particles enable delivery of oil field chemistries with the ability to optimize for particle size, timing and mechanism of release and cargo load. Target application parameters will influence choice of cargo and shell chemistries.

    Enkaps Applications

  • Tracers (e.g., hydrocarbon flow quantification)

  • Chemical Refrac

  • EOR

  • Clay Stabilization

  • Biocides

Our Value Proposition

EnKaps’ tunable, micro and nano-particle FloKap MR technology enables the controlled, time-release delivery of oilfield chemicals, enhancing potential for a reduction in operating costs, increased oil and gas production, providing new information about well and reservoir performance with a positive environmental affect due to a reduction of chemical use.


The chemicals will penetrate deeper into the reservoir and will release/recover more oil/gas


Fewer interventions and reduced downtime


The oil field chemestries will avoid dilution or pollution, hence lower volumes of chemicals will be released into the environment


Encapsulation parameters can be customized to meet a specific reservoir needs

How it starts

A new project starts with understanding your bore hole and reservoir conditions. EnKaps then develops a FloKap MR solution to meet your needs and helps you deploy the solution to ensure an optimum outcome. Send us your information and we will contact you to get started

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